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Pruning trees can be a straight forward project and many home owners take on the task of doing it themselves. Most of our customers start their own project and call us when they start feeling overwhelmed. Tree pruning is a very labor intensive task and can become very difficult when you have multiple trees or your trees are very large. Most tree projects in Burbank CA require special equipment to reduce risk of injury. Tree height and proximity to power lines make it very difficult for the average homeowner to safely trim their own trees. Please do not risk ruining the appearance and health of your trees by doing a DIY that you are uncertain of.  Call Burbank Tree Trimming today and get a free quote for you tree project.

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What is The Cost of Tree Pruning or Branch Removal?

Burbank homeowners usually pay something between $315 and $700 for tree trimming services. However, most homeowners pay an average of $475, while those who only want minimal trimming pay an average of $85. In case you need trimming for very large trees, anticipate the project to cost something close to $1300. Therefore, put into account the size of trees and amount of trees that need trimming when budgeting for this type of home improvement project. Moreover, if you need a tree removed or stump removal, then the price may change. Be sure to consult with a professional tree trimming service to get an accurate estimate for your particular needs.

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Factors Affecting Cost of Tree Pruning & Tree Services.

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Tree Size and Type

The larger the tree, the more costly it is, and the smaller their size, the lesser their costs. If a tree goes up to 30 or 60 feet, the risk and danger increases for the trained tree trimming professionals. They have to be very careful, or things could go south quickly. In addition to that, specialized equipment will be required to ensure it is appropriately trimmed. Note that a 30 feet tree could cost you about $100 to $400 dollars, whereas one that lies between 30 and 60 feet would range between $175 to $600 dollars.
Moreover, a 60 feet tree could cost $1300 or higher to be trimmed depending on the situation. Tree type also can complicate the job and increase the labor costs. Some trees are more complex than others and require have more labor and equipment requirements. Multi-trunk trees and hardwoods are not easy to trim compared to softwoods. Whether you have one tree or multiple, please reach out Burbank Tree Trimming and we can give you a free estimate for the tree trim project.

Tree Location

Another important factor to consider when pricing tree removal is the location of the trees. If the trees are located close to town, then the tree removal company will be able to get to the job site quickly and work will not be delayed by travel time. However, if the trees are located in a more rural area, then the company may need to factor in extra time for travel. In addition, if the trees are located on difficult terrain, such as hilly or rocky ground, then the company may need to use specialized equipment, which can add to the cost of the project. Therefore, it is important to consider the location of the trees when pricing tree removal.

Why is Fruit Pruning Different from Landscape Trees?

Fruit tree pruning and landscape tree trimming are two very different activities that serve two very different purposes. Fruit tree pruning, as the name implies, is all about choosing which parts of the tree to remove in order to improve its health and increase its fruit production. This is typically done every year, and it requires a fair bit of knowledge and experience to do it properly. Landscape tree trimming, on the other hand, is mainly for aesthetic purposes. It’s usually done less often – anywhere from once every few years to once every decade – and it’s more about keeping the tree looking nice than anything else. That said, there are some cases where trimming a landscape tree can be beneficial for its health, such as when it has branches that are crossing each other or interfering with power lines. But in general, the two activities are quite different from one another.

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When is the best time to trim trees in California?

Winter is usually the ideal time to get your trees pruned but timing of tree trimming is more dependent on the type of tree being trimmed. Some tree species are better trimmed early or later in the year. Most trees are best suited to be trimmed during the colder months because tree growth is usually dormant and most of their growth is in spring. Note that trimming trees in cooler months also gives the trees some protection. Trees heal faster in cool weather because of the lack of diseases and bugs as these are more problematic during warmer seasons. Some trees need to avoid trimming during fall since fungi spores and diseases are prone in certain areas and cause harm to trees trimmed in those locations. Summer may be appropriate for trimming but only when the goal is to shape the tree’s growth or make branch development slow. ​It can be difficult to know the best time to trim your trees. Give us a call and one of technicians can assist you in planning the best time to start your tree trimming project.

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Most of our customers have a number of trees that need pruning each year and don’t have the time, equipment or experience to get the job done right, safe, and in a timely matter. We are the most trusted tree trimming service in Burbank California. We have over 20 years of experience and we have the equipment needed to properly trim your trees and dispose of the debris. We offer our tree services at a competitive price and get the job done on time. Give us a call and we can schedule a time for one of technicians to give you a free quote for you next tree trimming project. Our technician will take a look at your trees and determine how much work needs to be done and give you an estimate for the cost of the project. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our work, so we will take the time to do the job right the first time. Call us today and let us take care of your tree trimming needs.

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